'This Is Us': Chrissy Metz Admits Kate's Attraction to Phillip Feels 'Wrong' Ahead of Split From Toby

Although This Is Us has not yet dived into Kate’s new romance with her boss Phillip (Chris Geere), Chrissy Metz admitted that her character’s attraction to a new man feels “wrong” ahead of Kate’s split from her husband and the father of her two children, Toby. With only ten episodes left this season, there are still so many questions regarding the dissolution of Toby and Kate’s marriage and how she ends up at the altar with her boss several years into the future. However, Metz says that while she is excited about her character’s future, she mourns her past romance with the man who is undoubtedly the love of her life.

The end of Toby and Kate’s relationship has been planned for some time

Due to This Is Us using flash-forward moments to their advantage throughout the drama’s six seasons, fans have long suspected something was amiss between Kate and Toby.

There were clues aplenty from the close of season 3, when Toby visited Rebecca on her deathbed alone sans wedding ring, to the season 5 finale when Kate was preparing to marry her boss Phillip. This Is Us has done a phenomenal job of teasing the future without spilling too many details.

Series creator Dan Fogelman shared during a May 2021 press conference as reported by Us Weekly that it was no secret the couple’s relationship would head south.

“We hinted at, many times in the deeper future, that something was not normal between Kate and Toby, and here we are,” Fogelman explained.

“Kate’s second wedding is a plot point we’ve had coming for some time, so we had Chris Geere meet with Chrissy Metz earlier in the season under strict COVID testing protocols so we could put them together. We’re big fans of his.”

Chrissy Metz admits Kate’s attraction to Phillip feels ‘wrong’ ahead of her split from Toby

Metz told Us Weekly that although she was excited to show a different side to Kate, she admitted her attraction to another man felt “wrong” ahead of her split from her longtime love.

“[I was content] because I think that she will be happy,” the actor explained.

“I think there’ll be contentment and I think they’ll feel that bittersweet feeling a lot of the episodes leave you with. I think there will feel like a sense of closure and some bittersweet memories.”

However, that doesn’t mean the transition is easy for Metz, who has spent six years working closely alongside Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby.

“It does feel like she’s doing something she shouldn’t do,” the actor claimed. “Who is this guy? Like, I like you, and you’re nice, and you’re English and whatever and charming, but, like, this feels wrong!”

What will be the breaking point of the couple’s relationship?

In the third episode of season 6 titled “Four Fathers,” a flash-forward featuring the couple’s son Jack Damon reveals even more tidbits as to what leads to the breaking point of Kate and Toby’s relationship.

During that episode, viewers learned that Jack (Blake Stadnik) suffered an injury in an accident involving a Big Green Egg smoker. However, details regarding his injury were left unspoken. His wife Lucy (Auden Thornton) didn’t understand why Jack would want a reminder of the day his parent’s marriage blew up. Earlier in the same episode, Toby and Kate discussed their marital problems. He suggested that they buy a Big Green Egg Smoker to make memories as a family during cookouts.

However, when Lucy brushed back Jack’s hair as he cooked their meal, she exposed a scar on his forehead.

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