This is b******s! Joanna Lumley fumes at made up stories about the Royal Family

Joanna Lumley reveals how she reacted to her Damehood

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Dame Joanna Lumley, 75, has criticised The Crown as she stressed that she did not watch the Netflix original series. The actress dismissed the hit show’s storyline, saying it was “made up” and did not seem fair on members of the Royal Family.

Joanna’s fondness for the Queen even led her to write a book in her honour.

The book, entitled A Queen for All Seasons: A Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II on her Platinum Jubilee, celebrates the Queen’s legacy as a Monarch.

Asked on the Table Manners podcast whether she watched the programme, Joanna said she did not because she knows the Royal Family.

Joanna said in the episode released yesterday: “I don’t watch it [The Crown] because I know them. I know the Royal Family, I know them, and it’s awful to see people, with stuff being made up as if they said it when they really didn’t because it’s made up.

“It’s written by a script writer and people imagining how things went which isn’t what happened because we know it’s made up.

“That doesn’t seem fair. If you knew somebody who was having that done to them, and they couldn’t answer back and say, this is b*******, so I don’t feel good about watching it and I know the actors are wonderful.

“I think the presentation of it has scooped the world and everyone’s crazy mad about it, but I don’t watch it”

Joanna has previously spoken out on her views on The Crown and how she did not watch it out of “loyalty” to her royal acquaintances.

She confessed she was initially curious to learn more about the early life of Her Majesty, but soon realised she did not want to continue watching the programme.

Speaking to the Mirror, Joanna said: “I thought I should step away from it. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it because it’s made up.”

She added: “Suddenly, it began to get closer and closer, and they had people acting as Prince Charles, as Camilla Parker Bowles, as Princess Anne. I know them all.”

Joanna highlighted that, while she may have known some events portrayed were not factual, other viewers would not know.

The actress said: “I know that’s not how they speak or what they said or did. People say, ‘Oh, well everybody knows that it’s made up’.”

Joanna continued: “People don’t, people think it’s the truth. So, I decided not to watch it anymore because I have some loyalty, as one would to anybody they know and like and are lucky enough to be friendly with.

“It’s rather ghastly. I mean think of somebody imagining what you say and then it becoming something spread around the world and people believing it’s the gospel truth.”

During a previous interview on Radio Times, Joanna said: “I don’t watch The Crown because I know quite a lot of the Royal Family.

“I know how distressing it must be to have your life made up and then played out as truth.”

Despite the controversy around it, Princess Eugenie confessed to watching a “couple of episodes” of The Crown in 2017.

“It is filmed beautifully,” she told Hello. “The music is wonderful, the story is beautiful.

“You feel very proud to watch it. I can’t speak for everyone, but that’s how I felt when I watched it.”

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