This is a list of notable people who identify …

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This is a list of notable people who identify with a gender that is outside of the gender binary. You nameYou chose the name for your new identity. You dont want a name that could be considered vulgar, offensive or offensive to some of the people you know. Youre pretty sure theres already a term for the kind of person you are. You were a little surprised, given that you already have a name that you consider to be very suitable for you, that you hadnt thought of it already. Then again, you hadnt really thought about it much before that. This is a new place, a new time, and this is a new name for you; you didnt want to risk not having any sort of identity, since youre pretty sure youll have to have one eventually. Nothing, just a random name that I thought was fitting of me. You finish up writing your name down, and then decide to go take a quick look at the mirror. As you look into the mirror, you cant help but be reminded of your parents. You imagine the look on their faces when you were naming yourself and the name you chose for yourself. You can see them both standing over you writing down your name. They must have thought it was a great idea to name you after themselves. Probably had the same reaction you did. Re looking back at you, or at least hoping you notice them and are appreciative of their work. You think about that, and then the name that you chose for yourself, you think about where you were, and how you were eventually able to get to this place you were in. You think about how you ended up here in the first place. Re still not sure how you got here in the first place. Maybe it was destiny, maybe it was just fate, or maybe you just happened upon this place in some random way. S sort of like a safe place in a place of danger. You look out at the town and the townspeople, and you see that they all look like you.

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