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I was nervous to keep myself up for so long at work and my head banged on the desk constantly with my head constantly shaking whenIwascryingover myself. And I thought If Im going to be working with a beauty hobbyist, I could at least try to learn a thing or two from her. I know a thing or two in my field of writing and art. Ive got a decent eye, which in this day and age is more than sufficient, and I can get a lot done, so I thought, well why cant I use that to my advantage When I was a little kid, there were a lot of people who liked to imitate stuff that they found on TV. The most popular of those were cartoon animals, like G. Joes and those giant puffy characters you might find in your local Blockbuster Video. I dont know if it was the kids in my neighborhood or the cartoons themselves. Either way, those kids would get so excited when someone was drawing one of those things that they would draw one of those things. I dont remember who did it, how they did it, or why, but I distinctly remember thinking, and still think, that in time that drawing would turn into a likeness from the real thing, like one of those kids I mentioned earlier had told me about had said When I was younger I didnt even have an imagination. I had a pretty good imagination, I think, but I had an imagination that had a very strong connection to my real life, which involved people and a real world. The imagination I had then was much more like my imagination now. I dont know who the artist was, but I was very curious about these things I found so fascinating and I wanted to know more about them. Its why Im still writing this And so when that day came, not too long after I turned twenty, I sat down with my notebook and I started to draw an animal that Ive never drawn before. At first I was drawing birds in my yard in the same way I once drew animals in my yard. I was drawing little red bird feathers and little blue bird feathers, little grey bird feathers. But then it got a little more interesting. I was drawing something so big that I knew it had to be an animal.

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