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Its funny, but being just a normal size does allow. To WokeHeadHunter sent 23 days ago Well you really think they would rather work here in an office than at a comic shop. Also, they arent on staff here, just doing the contract job there. To WokeHeadHunter sent 23 days ago I think I know a woman that might be able to help with this. To WokenHeadHunter sent 23 days ago What is she like. To WokenHeadHunter sent 24 days ago Shes like an older friend that you see a lot. She usually just hangs out with me, but we do talk occasionally. Shes one of the few women Im comfortable around IRL. From WokeHeadHunter sent 24 days ago I imagine her work might not be the most pleasant. To WokenHeadHunter sent 25 days ago How so. From WokeHeadHunter sent 25 days ago Well, lets just say shes not exactly a laid back person. Shes a little wild and that might be part of what makes her so desirable in some respects. To WokenHeadHunter sent 25 days ago Do you smoke. To WokenHeadHunter sent 30 days ago It is not exactly my thing, but I know a few people that like it. I wont make any big deal out of it though. So are you going to give her the contract or are you just going to let her do the job. Re pretty much at a loss of words now. So let me just get this straight. Re going to hire her anyways just so she can work for you. M going to have to send another email to you explaining this as you requested. In the mean time, we can talk on Skype. I told you I got enough email for one day. You and WokeHeadHunter start to leave, but WokeHeadHunter stops you.

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