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The following articles are guest-posted by Jena Bourdikova, a self-described fat activist and editorial columnist with LOreals Global Beauty. The Bully, on Why People Are Obsessing Over The View:With the first ever picture of American actress Jena Malone ever to grace our screens, and with the release of her new interview with Glamour magazine, the beauty industry is again in a state of hysteria. Why do people in the media and in the public so much have such an unhealthy obsession with the size of someones thighs. Isnt it time we stopped judging people for their bodies. So, what has actually been happening with Jena since she started gaining a bit of weight. So what has actually happened is that Jena gained a bit of weight and she was still beautiful. What has actually happened is that since her surgery, Jena has been able to regain some of the beautiful curves that she has lost, thanks in part to her surgeon being able to bring it all back. She has done that in the way that Jena has always done it for herself, with the help of her trainers and the help of her trainers, who work hard to make sure that Jena is working out regularly, both in terms of her diet and her training. She has done that in the way that every fat woman, every fat woman with any kind of body-image issues, who is seeking to be loved, wants to be loved, wants to be loved in a way that she is proud of, can do it. When she was younger, she was very proud of her body, and when she went to college, she was happy to show it off. But now she is doing well, and her confidence is growing and growing. Jena is a fat activist, that is her whole thing. She is one of the first fat celebrities to publicly share her experience and her knowledge about being a fat woman, about being a fat celebrity. And of course she has an opinion about it, she has an opinion about her body, and she is entitled to it. But she is also entitled to be told that she is beautiful, to be told that she is not fat, to be told that she is in charge of her body, that she has a choice about what to do with her body, and that it is completely her choice to accept or reject. Jena is in favour of embracing fat women and fat womens issues. And there is a thing that fat women tend to be pretty good at.

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