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You then look to the left and see one of those well people is named John Belushi and the next person is a man named Chevy Chase. The Belushi is pronounced like the Benish and not like the Ben. The Benish goes like this, while Belushi goes like the Benish. T really give a shit that I like Belushi right. You correct yourself; but Chevy is making it a point to give you the double meaning. As you continue to look at the list and the celebrity names, you wonder if you should press the issue any further. D probably just raise more suspicions if you called out the names. S not like anyone else is ever going to know. As you are about to leave the living room you hear a knock on the door. I dunno really, I only came down for a little while. I was gonna get the hell out of here, when I thought I heard you coming. M gonna get the hell out of here before you leave too.

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