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Girlfriend 1: You guys are getting old for each other. Girlfriend 2: He has too many wrinkles and looks like he hasnt slept in weeks, and she doesnt see the attraction. Girlfriend: I dont know, you guys are just not compatible. Girlfriend 1: Im pretty, Im funny and Im attractive. Girlfriend 2: I dont think the guys that are older look good on themselves. Sigh, Fine, Ill just be with someone else. Girlfriend 1: You gotta be fucking kidding me, we are just getting older. Girlfriend 2: I dunno, itd be nice to change it up a little, but maybe we should settle for different things. You like younger womenGirlfriend 1: I feel like we are going to the beach together. You like going out and spending money. You like spending time with other people. Im going to be your housewife and look after your every want and need. Look, I dont even know where to begin with you, plus I just dont think you are right for me. Girlfriend: Youre wrong, its not my fault Im not the right age for you. You just dont have enough experience to know whether you want to be with me or not. Girlfriend 1: Thats a load of shit, I just think you are a little on the wild side and dont really care for the things that are expected of a married woman. Girlfriend 1: Well thats all I see in you. Youre independent, you lead a rewarding life and you are a woman of great passion. Girlfriend 2:, Sigh, I just dont know if were compatible. Girlfriend 1: Well at least you like to party, youre a better fit for a party girl than I am. Pondering, But maybe, maybe I did like you anyway. Girlfriend 1:, Sigh, Well what are you going to do. Girlfriend 2: Im going to find another boyfriend, but Im sure you already heard about most of them and wont care.

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