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In fact, the Scientologists have even been known to disappear people and their, allies have often complained to us, saying I have been killed or abducted by somebody because of my association with somebody who were supposedly a Scientologist. Even the name of Scientology itself is a double-edged sword to use in this manner. Many people think that Scientology is actually The Religion of Scientology, but it is really the name of the organization that uses a combination of the name of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and a word that means to hide or to cover, the adjective Scientology It is a word that has been used in the past to describe human activities that have concealed information or other things from someone else. There are a few celebrities that claim to be Scientologists but they arent and they are not practicing the religion as it is traditionally taught and practiced, because they are not Scientologists. In fact, the famous musician Johnny Guitar Watson is a well-respected jazz musician and author and has never been a Scientologist. He wrote in his autobiography that he was raised Jewish and became a Scientologist during his rock n roll period. Now he is a secular humanist and a critic of religion. He has said:I didnt join the church because I felt a religious calling, but because I felt I was being lied to about the world and my place in it. The way I saw it, the church was a bunch of people who wanted to be a part of something larger than themselves. In the past several years, there has been much more public focus on Scientology because of the many stories that have been told about its practices, some of which are disturbing. As a result, many people have left the Church of Scientology. However, some have chosen to stay, or have stayed for more than ten yearsA lot of people who have left the church have said that they left because they had no desire to practice their religion and felt their time was better spent elsewhere. They might have been right in saying that, but they were not religious in the traditional sense. Scientologists are not recognized religious people, and they practice their religion in one of two ways. One is to read up and to become familiar with Scientology literature. This means that they are practicing real religion and they have a relationship to a real deity. They believe that this technology can cure many medical problems, and its value is greater than whatever religion the people who practice it may have.

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