These celebrities have all publicly admitted that they have mental health issues, …

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Leonardo DiCaprio said, I thought I had it all figured out. If I were to learn about other cars, it would probably lead me back to my addiction and make me feel horrible. After a period of inactivity, you decide to take the opportunity to explore your past more by re-reading it. Before you do this, you decide to write a note about the important information you have learned to your sister as a part of your mental health recovery process. You take the opportunity to re-read your lifeYou open up a new page in your life and see how much changes over the years. You realize this isnt a story you can easily forget. You realize that by writing it, you are re-telling your story to others. By sharing it with them, you hope that they can learn from it as well. You start writing your story as you went through your life as a teenager in 1993, you learn about your father and have lots of memories that were previously hidden and unknown. You decide to include them because you find that you are connected to your father to some degree. You start to write a little more about your mother also. You cant stop writing after you have written your tale. Your handwriting becomes shaky and you have to stop. Despite all your inner turmoil, you continue to write a story about yourself because you love your sister so very much. You feel the need to share your story with the world because you believe it is the only way to save others from suffering due to mental illnesses. You start writing what happened to your mother and sister. You end your last message to them as it doesnt really matter at this point. You end your story with the idea that whatever happens, you are going to be fine. Its a good thing you are able to survive this ordeal. All you need is to keep working on your recovery. Youve got to get yourself back out of this depression and have to get treatment. It seems like one step at a time but you know that you can do this. Your letter is read by your sister who is shocked to hear that you are still alive. Her response is a small smile which quickly fades into a concerned look. As you write back to her a single handwritten note, you dont even notice when your sister walks in the room. She doesnt bother you with any sort of conversation. She just goes right to your door with a concerned look, and opens it. She tells you that your note to her was rather cryptic and she feels a little bad for not being able to answer your question.

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