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These quotes can help you rebel against the mind of the human race. And your heart and your mind can bend the worlds patterns. And these beautiful quotes can help you rebel against the human-race. Endoftext You cant help but ask why hes doing this. You cant help but ask, why he is doing this. You cant help but wonder if its not related to your request that he killed your parents when you were little. After all, as the only human on your way to becoming a ghoul, youve probably always thought of yourself as a human and as such, you dont have a strong attachment to the human race and its way of life. You cant help but doubt this because from what youve seen, hes a fairly normal guy and your parents were both in the business of killing people and he was just born a little late which means he probably had some trauma regarding them. You also notice hes just as young as you and while your parents probably werent happy with his birth, as a normal human they probably werent going to kill him. In fact, his parents seemed like nice people, so why the hell would he kill them. You try to put those questions out of your mind and move forward in this case. Youre not going to try and put those stupid questions out of your mind. Youll focus on the question that you asked and the reasons behind it. Your partner seems to hesitate briefly at hearing those words but comes to a quick decision. After all, you should get the last word. You watch him go before deciding to follow along as well. You dont think hes going to try anything. Shes about your age and has long black hair. Unlike your partner, shes in a proper uniform and isnt wearing some rags. If he did try anything, Id kill him myself right now.

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