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You couldnt even believe something like this could happen, but you knew you had to see these two for yourselves. Your eyes travel between these young faces, and theyre all you have left. The next day, you finally see them in person. They are very pretty people, but something about them seems off. You know this because the only thing they have in common that they arent wearing is a crown of some sort, and they are dressed far too conservatively to be in your country. Hey, are those the two you saw in the movie. Yes, I was there for the movie premiere, Anna replies. Well, I was in it as well, you say with a weak laugh. You were in it, but you were so shy I dont think youll be comfortable with us seeing you, so its probably best if we dont see you, you say. Maybe, but I cant get over how you were dressed. I dont think I ever saw anyone in anything like that before. Elsa and Anna look at each other for a moment. Elsa starts to say, but then she quickly adds, But thank you, Anna, for your dress, it was so pretty. The day after we go into production. Well, theres nothing to see for now, but well see more of each other in the future. You remember seeing the face of your dead daughter in this place, the face of a beautiful woman who was your lover for one brief moment. You remember feeling something like joy then. A deep warmth that you dont feel anymore, except maybe when you look at a statue of the late King Ludwig I of Sweden. The two women then both approach and stand around you. You must feel like youve been away from us too long, Anna says. Im sorry I wasnt here for longer, Elsa says.

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