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S just more entertainment for all of us. Yeah, but I like the idea of them having small penises. Em all feel smaller than they are. Re too far gone right now. S just keep getting older and bigger. T keep up with my big soul. Suddenly, you feel a sharp pain in your hand. You shout and grab at something on the wall next to you. You quickly turn around to see a sharp-nosed rat running from under a large box. You say and try to grab at it, but fail. The rat skitters away and you look around. Ll go find us some alcohol and some rope. You look around and see some old furniture and some trash. Not sure what to do, you decide to take out your trusty pocketknife and look around. You look through the trash and grab a newspaper and a bag of cigarette butts. You put the bag in the trash can, and then you take one of the newspapers and carefully break it into a thousand pieces. You put it in your pants pocket which is still filled with paper pieces. You turn to Lilo who is busy reading the newspaper. Cutting up newspapers and throwing them in your pocket. Yeah, I think my new favorite hobby is reading a newspaper in my pants. I was too lazy and lazy to break up the pages into even 10s.

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