Theres no shortage of celebrities that are fond of basketball…

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In the words of the late Kobe Bryant; There are some things that you dont need to know. Youre already coping, but you can only do so much alone. Your close friends would help you, but you have so many other things to do for yourself.

Kobes death is being used to promote the Nba. Also, there are rumors that he may have been murdered, and the crash was an accident to cover that up. S also a theory that it was actually a drug fueled suicide attempt by the man who was once considered the best 6 years of his life. Ve learned about his tragic death while still being productive. I feel numb, as if nothing is real, like I can never play the game again like I did on the court. Ve already dealt with the tragic death of a loved one and continued in some way to live their lives. S unceremonious passing, and now this tragic event, while also trying to keep my emotions in check. Ve been trying to find solace in the memories we shared. On a lighter note, did you like The Legend of Korra. As for the show itself, no, I had too much trouble following it in general, but this. It was pretty good, though I did find that I was thinking about it a lot more while I was on my trip. T want to hear about your trip on here. M sorry, but I was not thinking of posting on here about my trip. Re not my type, but you still have a nice ass. Well good luck in your future endeavors.

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