There's a Theory That Blake Lively Always Matches Her Met Gala Look to the Carpet

Apparently about half of Hollywood has no idea how to dress for a theme, so thank the good lord for Blake Lively every damn year at the Met Gala. Blake always goes all out with her looks, and last night was no exception. And for everyone who was wondering if she’d match her outfit to the red carpet…yep. She did that.

So we’re all on the same page, E! News posted a theory yesterday that Blake’s been consistently matching her gown to the carpet for years:

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I mean…

Yes. Definitely looks to be the case.

And this year was no different. The 2022 Met Gala carpet was predominantly red and blue, as was Blake’s Versace dress (which had a big reveal mid-way through, changing from copper to blue):

I mean, she matches the carpet perfectly, so there’s no way this is unintentional, right?

FYI, Blake’s look last night was inspired by the Statue of Liberty, as well as architecture around New York City. “I looked at New York City architecture for this event, and I loved the copper patinas,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I asked Versace if we could do it and they said, ‘Oh god, OK, let’s try!’ And we did.”

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