There's a Practical Reason Tom Holland Prefers Golf Over Other Sports Right Now

While there are many things that make Peter Parker who he is, in the various movies and in the comics, there are also things that make up Tom Holland’s favorite things too. He posts a lot about work and his family, but he’s also posting quite a bit from the golf course. It’s one of his favorite pastimes, but it’s also a pretty practical and safe one while he’s under a Marvel contract. 

Tom Holland had to keep himself safe so golf was the best sport to play while being ‘Spider-Man’

In an interview with USA Today on Feb. 24, Holland shared that he wants to travel and take a bit of a break after Spider-Man: No Way Home comes out. 

“It’s the first time since I signed on to (Spider-Man: Homecoming) that I don’t have a contract with someone,” Holland said. 

And because of that contract ending for now, he doesn’t have to play it safe with his activities. 

“I might go skiing because that’s something I’ve not really been allowed to do because it’s obviously a dangerous sport,” Holland shared. “I’ve been very careful over the years, which is why I’ve become obsessed with golf because it’s the only sport I can play without getting injured.”

Again, if anyone’s followed Holland on Instagram over the years, golf is one of the things he does in his spare time. So now it all makes sense that since becoming Peter Parker, he’s been under the Marvel Cinematic Universe umbrella and had to keep himself out of harm’s way even outside of work. 

But, of course, it helps that Holland just loves golf a ton anyway

Now, that’s not to say he’s relegated to only golf and that’s all he has. As a sort of last resort type thing. That’s not the case at all. As Holland told USA Today, he’s obsessed with the game, and he told GQ in September 2019 that his dad taught him how to play growing up. So it’s not a new thing he picked up when Marvel said, “No adrenaline junky activities.” At the time of the GQ interview, though, he did say he was a bit surprised at how much it’s become an obsession. 

“I don’t know what has happened,” Holland said, “but it has become my addiction. I go to sleep thinking about playing golf the next day.”

He did go into the aspects he liked, though. It’s pretty simple from the outside, but for the actor, he said that it’s a “humbling sport” to play. 

“Like Avengers, for example, just became the biggest film of all time,” he said. “That’s amazing, super exciting. So I’m like: ‘I’m gonna go and play golf with the boys and celebrate.’ And then you play like a dick, and it brings you right back to the earth.”

Holland also grew up dancing

Of course, Holland did other activities growing up like dancing. He started professionally acting in the West End production of Billy Elliot the Musical in 2008 and before that started taking ballet lessons. 

“I would do it in the school gym at lunchtimes by myself, in tights, with a teacher,” Holland told GQ about his training. “So you have kids looking through the windows. To a bunch of 10-year-olds who all play rugby, Tom Holland doing ballet in the gym isn’t that cool.” 

He did experience bullying due to this, but he wanted the job, which he did get. And, of course, it paid off with the route it went. And who knows? Maybe he’ll take up dancing again when he doesn’t have to be so careful not to break himself because of his Spider-Man contract. But that probably won’t result in another Lip Sync Battle, unless Channing Tatum’s involved. 

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