There is not a city like NYC to be graced by celebrities …

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You think about going out, just driving out of the city; if there are people here you can try to find a place to park as far away from town as possible and get a few hours alone away from the city. Maybe you can look at a book or you can take a walk, to relax. You look at your wrist and see you dont have any coins. A few more hours, and maybe you can find a place to park and then you have a place to sleep. You drive around looking for a place to park. There are a few places that fit that description, but the prices are outrageous. You end up circling the block and driving past a couple of small motels until you run out of places that fit your price range. There are cars just sitting there, they are in such poor condition it doesnt look like they were used. You decide to park in a place near the front and just take that place tonight. You turn off the car and look outside. The rest of the block looks similar to the parking garage. You park in the same area and turn off your car and take it for a walk around the block and find it empty. You go back to the garage and try to find a spot. 20 a day and then try to find a place near the front and then try to get a few hours of sleep before the traffic starts. There are cars everywhere, but the car you are in is the only one that doesnt move. It looks like it was picked up yesterday, and it looks like it was sitting in the same spot for days. You look at your watch and realize it is now around 1am. You try to ignore the fact that you cant find a.

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