The Windsors are doing their bit to help Ukrainian refugees, which means what?

Weeks after Russian forces invaded Ukraine, several European royal families announced their immediate plans to house Ukrainian refugees. The Belgian royals and Dutch royals were two of the biggest families to open up their castles and summer homes to refugees, and those governments made it easier for refugees to be brought in quickly. All of which made the British media ask: are the Windsors going to do anything? The Queen and the Prince of Wales are the two largest land-owners/land-holders in the UK. The Duchy of Cornwall (controlled by Charles) has extensive real estate holdings, from country homes to apartments to farms, and it’s not like all of those properties are currently being used. Nevermind all of the Queen’s private and public properties, from Sandringham to Windsor Castle to Balmoral. They could house thousands of refugees with so little muss or fuss. So… um, what’s happening with that? Because we haven’t heard anything about it in months.

The royal family are reportedly providing accommodation to Ukrainian families who have been forced to flee their homeland. Members of the royals have vowed to “do their bit” and are housing refugees but the family has “no wish” for publicity, according to the Daily Express.

Some 53,800 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in the UK under visa schemes, including the Homes for Ukraine programme, which amounts to just over half the number of visas granted.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman told the Express: “We are assisting in a number of ways but will not be commenting further.”

It is not known which royals are housing refugees or where the accommodation is being provided, with the palace contacted for further information.

The palace was used to house royal refugees during the Second World War, with Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands as well as Norway’s King Haalon and his son Prince Olaf staying there after fleeing the Nazis in 1940.

The Prince of Wales said last month he hopes Britain is welcoming to Ukrainians, in an “emotional” meeting with families who have fled Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

[From Yahoo News UK]

I don’t get it. The royals don’t have to release the names of the refugees or give away their personal details, but they could easily say “we’ve made accommodations in Sandringham for five families” or something like that. And the whole “do their bit” makes it sound like they’re checking off a box rather than trying to help people who have been forced to flee their country because of unhinged Russian aggression. It makes an act of compassion sound so rote and duty-bound. Why are they so secretive and why are they so bad at the PR aspect? This could be such an easy way to get excellent press. “Compassionate Charles opens up Duchy properties to refugees, greets children with stuffed animals, Duchy Originals biscuits.” They are so bad at everything.

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