The ugly girl who was able to be reborn as a beauty, Kang …

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You say you are not a girlYou say you are not a girl. You look back at the phone as you hear a faint voice saying, Okay, I guess Ill call you back. You get back onto the phone and the voice on the other end is definitely male. You hang up the phone, start to feel a little better and call him back, figuring hell probably be more helpful after hearing your story. You pick up the phone but when you hear his voice, you instantly think of someone familiar. The call goes to voicemail and its a few minutes before you get an answering machine. You leave a message asking him to call you back at some point and hang up. You begin to panic, afraid that youve called someone you know and there is nothing between you. You call backYou call back and immediately you are surprised with the response you get. This is the first time youve heard his voice, though youve wondered about what he sounded like before. Well, I didnt think youd show up. I mean, youre not the type to call people, let alone call me, before you have to see me. Well, I didnt want to waste your time, so I decided to call back. Well, that was unexpected, so it was nice to at least hear your voice as opposed to just the voicemail. You must really like the West Village, because Ive never been there.

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