The Truth About Lauren Boeberts Husband

Though Donald Trump was ousted from the White House in 2020, it was also the year the Republican party arguably turned into the Trumplican party. The 2020 GOP congressional class included a long list of outspoken and controversial Trump supporters, including Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, and Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Speaking of Boebert, the politician has made a name for herself thanks to her anti-mask and anti-vax rhetoric. The freshman GOP’s behavior during the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection also made headlines, as some alleged she played a role in aiding and abetting insurrectionists. And although Boebert’s lack of political experience has raised eyebrows, her thin resume isn’t the most surprising thing about her — it’s her personal life. Soon after the freshman made a name for herself on Capitol Hill, shocking details about her husband and his arrest history were revealed — keep on reading for all of the details.

Jayson Boebert has had trouble with the law

Lauren and Jayson Boebert were married in 2005, and just one year before they became husband and wife, Jayson was arrested for “indecent exposure” when he allegedly exposed himself to two females, one being a minor who was only 16 at the time, at a bowling alley in Rifle, Colorado. 

According to journalist Anne Landman, who obtained the arrest warrant detailing the incident, after overhearing the women discussing tattoos, Jayson allegedly approached the group and said he had a tattoo on his genitalia and proceeded to pull down his pants to reveal the said tattoo. After refusing to leave the establishment, the owner of the bowling alley called the police, which led to Jayson’s arrest. Lauren was also there during the incident as she was included as a witness on the arrest warrant. 

Just a matter of days later, Jayson got arrested again, this time for a domestic violence incident to which he eventually pleaded guilty. The New York Post reported Jayson spent seven days in jail as a result.

Lauren Boebert has had her share of arrests, too

Not unlike her husband, Lauren Boebert also has a rap sheet. The Colorado Newsline reported that in 2015, Boebert was arrested at a country music festival when she clashed with officers who were arresting minors for drinking underage. Boebert allegedly encouraged the teens to run away from the officers and also claimed the teens’ arrest was illegal because the officers allegedly didn’t read them their Miranda rights. The disorderly conduct charge was eventually dismissed. According to the New York Post, Boebert was also arrested for alleged careless driving and later for an incident that involved her pit bulls reportedly attacking a neighbor’s dog.

Outside of legal issues, it appears Lauren and Jayson are going strong. “Happy anniversary to the most selfless man I know!” she captioned a photo of the pair in June 2020. “Thank you, Jayson, for standing with me in every season.” She added, “I’ve learned by allowing our strengths to cover one another’s weaknesses, we are steadfast and immovable. I love that I get to live life having you by my side!” The pair also share four sons together and are the owners of Shooters Grill, a restaurant where waitstaff openly carry guns. “We’re armed and ready to feed you,” the restaurant’s website states. Interesting.

It’s safe to say Jayson is just as controversial as Lauren, so perhaps this is a match built to last.

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