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So You decided to start a blog of your own. The idea of a beauty blog for the beautiful seemed to come to you after the last time you were with your sister and you had to give her a beauty advice blogging tip. You were looking at the beautiful beauties on the street and you were thinking you can do that. And you did not think twice before you started blogging. You have been blogging for a few days now and you have decided the blog is actually a good idea. You BlogThe day that you decided to start a blog was the day that a black cat caught your attention. You have had this feeling even after you found your sister. You have been looking into the cats of the street and your eyes were drawn on one called Mihrabs. Its face was very different from any other cat. It has a white forehead and its eyes seemed like the sun itself. You remember the way it had stared into the space of your brothers room. It had stared at you and you did not know what to do. Mihrabs eyes made you feel warm and like a flower. You did not tell your brother about the black cat on the street but your brother was really impressed by it since the cat was so different from other cats and he told you about that black cat. So, you had to tell him about the black cat. When you got home that day your father was really angry about the fact that you had told your brother so many things about Mihrabs. He also threatened that if you ever mentioned that black cat again you would be taken into the forest to meet it in the dead of night and it would give you the same experience as Mihrabs. You did not like your father too much but you had to comply and go meet the black cat. It was running from a cat with a silver color, the white one was called Mihrab. You had no intention of being scared but you were also not in a situation like you were with your brother when your father had warned you about that black cat. So, you went to meet the black cat of this black cat. You tried to approach it but it did not let you. You also had the idea of saying I am your brother. You tried to approach it with the same way that Mihrab did with those cat, but the black cat was not willing to let you approach it. You could not stop your tears. The black cat was staring at you and was scared like Mihrab.

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