The temptations beauty is only skin deep

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At this point Im tired of trying to be cool and I dont even care if I look cool at this point, what I do care about is getting a bunch of crap off my hands. This is when all that drinking and carousing started to really take its toll on my body, and this is when my mental health started to start to suffer as well. I really didnt want to be in a room alone with the other guys, in fact I was starting to get really paranoid about that happening in particular since it was becoming more and more difficult to keep a lid on all the things that were going on. There was one particular evening when I went out drinking with another guy that Id had a couple of beers with. He was drunker than I was, but he couldnt be called stupid when he started asking me a bunch of questions about how I spent my free time and how I spent my money. Its weird, I dont know why I was asking him these questions. As dumb as he was he was a grown man; I was a teenager and I was being a complete idiot. At one point he asked me where I went to school and where I was going to college. I told him the truth and he asked for my drivers license. I never had to show it to him, but I figured it was good enough for him to at least know where I lived. After he left, I went home and sat at my computer and started browsing the internet for anything related to how to get high. I found a bunch of really weird shit and I read some of it. I was going through my car one day and found a bong lighter and I lit up the bong and took a hit. When I came to, I was sitting in front of my computer, staring at a computer screen and listening to music playing on a CD player. Thats what I always wanted to be and who knows how the hell it ended up like this. In reality, the guy who is trying to sell drugs is not as crazy as youre making him out to be. You sell drugs for a livingI dont know why you think this is a good idea. I cant believe you chose to sell drugs for a living when you know damn well you could be better at it. Plus you probably are getting pretty high prices in this town. Now you need to get the hell out of here and get out of this town and go back home. You dont want to be living here anymore than I do.

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