The Surprising Place Hometown’s Erin And Ben Napier Originally Wanted To Live

With five seasons of their hit HGTV show ‘Hometown’ under their belts, Ben and Erin Napier have become one of the hottest pairs on the channel. According to the dynamic duo, their ability to connect with so many people across all types of backgrounds has allowed them to become household names.

Recalling a quote from Lindsey Weidhorn, a star HGTV producer behind shows like “Fixer Upper” (per Country Living), on the June 15 episode of “At Home with Drew and Linda Scott,” Ben said, “Lindsey [once] said that everybody is from somewhere and they have fond memories attached to that place and they want it to be this idyllic place in their mind and that ‘Hometown’ allows them to see that.” Erin added, “‘Hometown’ is completely about how, you know, nothing is beyond restoration. Nothing is beyond rebirth. Nothing is beyond repair.”

Ben also added a sweet anecdote about a visit to New York City during which a man ran up to the parents of two and told them how much he loves the show. “It was the coolest moment in my life,” Ben said, before correcting his statement to say that he simply felt “very cool” during the encounter.

It’s hard to picture Ben and Erin flipping unloved homes anywhere else besides their quaint neighborhood of Laurel, Miss. Surprisingly, they almost never settled down there in the first place. Keep scrolling to learn where Erin and Ben Napier originally wanted to live.

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