The Real Reason Kelly Dodds COVID Vaccine Shot Has Fans Seeing Red

Kelly Dodd is fiercely defending herself following June 22 posts to her Instagram account that have fans seeing red. The videos — some shared to her Instagram Story and one shared through IGTV — documented the former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star receiving the COVID-19 shot with her husband Rick Leventhal.

In both videos, the mom of one explains that she and Rick are getting the vaccine because her father and Rick’s mother have been pushing them to get one. However, she repeated multiple times that she believes she should be in the clear regardless because they already contracted coronavirus, which apparently came from another housewife’s kid. “And we already have the antibodies. We got COVID on New Year’s. Heather Dubrow’s son gave it to us,” she explained. Rick sarcastically chimed in by thanking him for sharing the virus.

While some fans were supportive of the couple receiving the shot, an overwhelming amount of comments questioned Kelly’s decision. “Your antibodies are so much more beneficial than the shot. Your body and choice. But I am shocked!” one fan commented under the IGTV. In reply, Kelly wrote, “Ok but people are still asking for evidence of vaccination for travel work & more. Proof of antibodies isn’t enough.” Another fan said that they were in disbelief that Kelly “caved” and received the vaccine.

Meanwhile, other fans were calling out Kelly for what seems to be a lie regarding the vaccine. Keep scrolling to learn why more fans were unhappy with the reality star.

Kelly Dodd told previously told fans she was vaccinated

Fans were quick to call out Kelly Dodd for seemingly lying about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in the past once she shared the video of her getting it on June 22. “No disrespect, but I thought you said you had already received it which is why you were out with your friends unmasked,” one person commented under her IGTV video. Kelly swiftly responded to clear the confusion, saying her friends were vaccinated, and she was “naturally vaccinated” since she already tested positive for the virus.

Kelly came under fire in January for enjoying an outing with friends at a Newport Beach, California, restaurant with no mask in sight. Per the Daily Mail, Kelly addressed the backlash on her Instagram Story. “I’m not a superspreader because there’s nothing to spread,” she said. “Because we all got the vaccine and we don’t have it, so there’s nothing to spread about superspreaders.”

Fans were not as friendly on Reddit, where they slammed her for the misleading statement about having previously been vaccinated. “This fool cannot get out of her own way,” one fan wrote. Another commented, “OMG – This women! So she 100% lied about being vaccinated and now she is getting vaccinated?”

Kelly also addressed in her IGTV video the fact that people think she is against vaccines. “People think I’m anti-vaccine, but I’m not. I’m all about vaccines,” she stated. Kelly’s inoculation comes one day after she revealed that her teenage daughter, Jolie, contracted the virus, per People. 

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