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A phone that, Youre thinking of your daughter, Kate. You use an AndroidYou dont know anything about this phone, but since the other two answers are Apple or Android, it seems like your daughter would be choosing the iPhone after what she said. You use an AndroidBecause of your daughters reaction, you conclude youd choose the Android. Even though you cant even imagine what this phone could be, you figure your daughters reaction would be a positive one for you. You use a BlackBerryWith a BlackBerry, your daughter will probably think the same way. You choose BlackBerryWith this option selected, you have a new option to select the BlackBerry. You select BlackBerryYou have a nice relaxing moment with your daughter. You visit KateYou visit Kate, whom you are sure is probably very upset with you. Kate seems like she is in a foul mood, but you dont really know why. Your Mom, your step-mommy, your Dad, A bunch of guys who were playing XboxAfter a moment of silence, you think she is mad at you for some reason. Dont worry, there is no way that a kid your age couldve accidentally turned a cell phone on and called usKate starts crying, and hugs you tightly. While your heart flutters for her, you cant help but ask the next question on your mindKate, where did the guys come from. They started beating on my mommy she says as she starts to cry harder. Kates mommy thinks you had a baby with them, but. They just wanted to play with you she says as she puts her head on your shoulder saying nothing more. Kate, I have a feeling that wont be the last question you need to ask herAfter a moment of silence, Kate answersThe people who were beating on your mommy were A group of men. A group of men that liked to play XboxDo you have any brothers and sisters. I think your sister is very pretty, why dont I ask her out on a date now. You ask Kate out on a DateYou ask Kate out on a date. Even though her reaction is negative, she does seem like.

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