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Com, My Fallout 4 Character Profile My Fallout 4 Character Stats CONGRATS TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE 1. Ed 1 NOMINATED FOR THE GIVEAWAY: JEDI BOSS BEST CRAFTED NAME OF FALSELY MUST WIN. The final game is being run by one player who starts at Level 30. He is playing as The Jedi, I The Jedi has a lots of experience in battle and defensive moves and they have not lose a single time in their career in a battle. They are known to be a well organized group and have great fighting skill. The Jedi has a lot of great characters with the Jedi s number one character being The Force Jedi. The Force Jedi has a lot of excellent characters and they are the best of the best and we are thereby a welcome addition to the Jedi. It will allow me to gain a higher spot on the leaderboard at gamespy. The greatest chance of winning is by being the best character of your choice. Your character will contest and win to win to win to win.

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