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The Beauty and the Beast film, 2009, completed, the film, is. The original story that was written was:Beauty and the BeastA young girl called Belle is at her happiest when she is with her beloved Prince Charming. One day while he kisses her, she feels as if something is terribly wrong and asks her mother what she is doing. The next day, the Beast appears before the young girl in the form of a giant black beast with a human face. He tells the girl that he only ever wanted to be like her, to save the world from injustice, destruction, chaos and war. The Beast tells the girl that the only way he can do this is to take her as his bride. Together they are going to be the greatest heroes ever and they will change the world forever. It was directed by Kirk Wise and was produced by David Wise and Bruce Broughton. It was the first Disney musical animated film to win the Best Animated Feature Oscar at the Academy Awards. 500 million worldwide, and won nine Disney animated feature animated feature animated film and song Oscar Award nominations. It was also the first film from Disney to gain a permanent place in the Universal film Hall of Fame. In 2017, it was released as a live-action feature film starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as Belle and Prince Charming. GoofsWhen the Black Beast is trying to get inside the Beasts castle, before that happens it could be seen through the window. See moreIn order to save his life, you decide to stay behind and help the village. However, you discover that not everyone has followed your plan, and now they want to kill you. All you can do is stay in the village where youre safe. Your only desire is to reach your destination alive. The federal government says that the number of immigrants crossing the U. -Mexico border has dropped to its lowest level in a decade. Was 44,764, a 36 percent drop from the same period last year and the lowest level in a decade. The number of asylum applicants dropped to its lowest level.

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