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Not so many people youre sure, but at least a few. You watch as your other sister joins in. It seems like all the people left in the bar are now taking a stand against the violence, but it sure as shit isnt enough to move on all of the people in your group. You feel like youre going to have to break the group up, and before you can think twice you do. You start to feel a sense of despair as you watch everyone get pushed out of the bar and into the streets. The group of people that pushed you and your sister leaves. You and your sister are still in this bar, however, and so you sit behind the bar and keep talking to yourself. D be lucky if the two of you could pull this off. This is a long shot, but still worth a try. The night goes on and eventually you hear your sister exiting the bar with several other people. She says and you immediately stop talking to yourself and stop talking to her. T drink anywhere near as much as you thought you would, but hopefully this will buy you more time to figure something out. You finish up your shift at the bar, feeling drained, but not yet exhausted, and decide it was certainly worth it. Re completely pre in the moment and concentrate on your work. T go out much any more. T caught up in any of the fighting that happened there. You do still catch a few of the fights, but they mostly involve the locals at the bar, and mostly those who go there.

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