The live-action Beauty and the Beast film hits theaters next week, and …

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You take a look around and see some of the same buildings you did when you were in Belles bedroom. In another room, you find yourself face to face with a group of Ursai. You dont understand, you dont understand what we are supposed to do. You wont have the power to stop our killing spree on the world like we are doing now. What you dont understand is that I can, you continue. You point your finger at it and fire a beam of energy from it. The next day you wake up, but you arent in Belles bedroom anymore; youre inside the Beasts castle. Its been awhile since youve slept in a place with a grand piano. The door buzzes as you try to sit up and a figure enters. M the prince of the fairy-tale town where you were raised, you say. M in this castle right now, you say. You start to say and then stop yourself. If you win, I get a big diamond ring to put on my finger. You get nothing if you lose, the fairy-tale princess says. She starts to walk over to you and put an arm around you.

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