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Entry 246, The SubSelfie BlogDont forget to follow Motherboard on Twitter. About the Author:Donna Harman is a Contributing Writer for Motherboard in San Francisco. In Computer Science from the University San Francisco, and an M. Before that she worked at Gizmodo Media Group, and she swears a lot. I thought you were going for the old Im so cute pose. Dont you have something better to do for your Valentines Day. I have more important things to do than to play cute on my own special day. Wait, you dont even want to go out with me. Shes shy, but then shes all over the place. You follow her inside, and she leads you to a row of windows overlooking a backyard. This is where I live, she says, pointing to an apartment with a flat screen TV in the backyard. In the living room, theres a desk piled with DVDs, a loveseat on which you can see the back of her head, and a stack of magazines. Theres a small bathroom right between the living room and the kitchen, and a balcony at the rear of the apartment. I dont feel like Im living here. I mean, Im not living here because I love you, honey. Im living here because I need a place to stay. Im so glad you told me your name. You just havent told me your last name.

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