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He knows he has notThe story of a young man who moves into a big house and he begins to notice some odd things about the house. Things he thinks are odd but he doesnt think much of them because he is just trying to get by in the house he has been given, and what can the young man do. He takes his girlfriend to a party because that is the party he remembers from his childhood. He and his girlfriend have a good time, but there is something else going on. Something they cannot explain to each other or even themselves, but something terrible is brewing, and it is not going to end well for anyone. They can only hide from it out in the world and hope it will go away. The story is good, it has the feel of a novella, the tone is light hearted and the ending is a bit abrupt, and I enjoyed that, but I thought the ending was a little rushed, as if it was all a bit too easy for Nick and the author wanted you to find out what was going on with him so that there would be more to finish off with him and to leave a little more time to find The Love Chord. Although the ending is very abrupt, it is still one of my favourites of the year, so I suppose I didnt mind the rushed ending. But to anyone that feels the ending was rushed, just put up or shut up. I dont like other people telling me what I can or cannot like. As I have said, I liked the ending, I just felt the ending was a little rushed and that there was even enough time to finish off with Nick. The book is written in first person and the book itself is quite big and it took me a long time to put it down. I even got distracted from putting the book down and taking notes and writing all this. I did a lot of thinking about the book the night I finished reading it and even more thought on when I was going to read it all over again the next day. So yeah, I am an avid reader and I am glad I read this. As you can tell, I really enjoyed the book, I have heard of Alan Hollinghurst before and I loved his last novel, The Line of Beauty and I am looking forward to his next novel, The Love Chord. I gave the book 4 stars, I would have given it 5, but it is a little rushed, thats all. This one is for John Green the author, so enjoy. John Green is a young author I have never heard of before, but he has done quite a bit of social media work. He is also an avid reader and he has a website under.

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