The latest celebrity to have her privacy invaded is Bella …

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The photos are already being spread via the various chat rooms that you control. S nothing worse than some teenager threatening to dox you on Facebook. You hear an irritated tone before the line goes dead. Ve managed to get your phone, and all your data plans, back to maximum signal, The ones outside Ground Zero You now have a single line and no more data. After a few texts, you decide to call 1203 and see if they have anything to help you out. You start your call and finally reach someone who sounds genuinely concerned about you. The female voice on the other end of the phone says. Ve been working off of your account and sending out phone calls to the local area codes. T have much money right now, and I really need a place to stay. Re going to stay together for free, so we can help each other out. Not at all, it seems like you might be having a bit of trouble with your finances right now. Re running out of money pretty quick.

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