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U2014u201DMovie: The Nut JobMusical: How Much a Dollar CostSong: My Songs Know What You Did in the Night BeforeMovie: The Bucket ListMovie: The Dark Knight RisesThe following are some of the movies that were watched by me and my family.

You ignore the adviceYou ignore the advice, and you are left with your own mind, and as someone with ADHD who doesnt hold back, you are perfectly capable of thinking these things for yourself. You head to bed, not even thinking of the advice that you will not be in your own house the next day. T think about the advice that others give to you. Ve never really thought about it until now. Ve decided to ignore the advice of the strangers on the Internet, and you go to bed believing your own mind and your own strength. Re still walking back to the same place you last saw the sign. T want to risk a ride on the bus that might be leaving any minute. You see the same bus stop over and over again, and as you approach, you see that no one actually shows up, which is surprising. You guess the fact that the bus is free means that no one uses it to leave town and most people have one of those free travel passes. Re just glad nobody is watching you get on, then you get on, and finally you get out of the house. As it turns out, no one is on the bus either. After sitting on the bus for about an hour, you look to your right and see that the road has turned into a dirt road and starts to descend through the trees. T want to pay to park at any further stop until you get to your next destination. S the same school that you visited yesterday.

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