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In any event, they are doing very well for themselves, but the movie business isnt exactly what it used to be. The director of the movie they did after Annie just died. Then you think of the fact that this book could be the film, and you cant help but think, If I dont get this book, the people who I do have in common are going to just laugh at me, and I am never going to get any work. You stay out of the public eye and keep your writing jobEven though its only a book, you cant help but get a little excited. This isnt about whether you should be working in the film industry or not; you are going to make your life choices based on what you want to do with your life. You will always remember your time as an independent film actor, but you are going to make decisions based on which is best for your real future. Its not that you dont have a story to tell, because you do, but you have to face the inevitable reality that you are not going to get any work as an actor. The problem is, you would rather not have to face that fact. What you really need is a way to get into the Hollywood system, and you dont know what that might be. You spend a lot of time on this issue, and there is no solution. You need to get into the Hollywood system. You want to get into the system even if you have to get in by taking people out of other places.

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