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Youre also right in your assessment of all those movie stars who are probably going to be going around killing each other in the upcoming weeks and months. The only movie star you could see being willing to take on The Ultimate Guy in a physical fight is Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame. Youd be surprised, but youd be downright surprised if he didnt try to take you up on your offer. Youd also be surprised if Scarlett Johansson didnt try to get into your pants if she wasnt busy with a movie. Emma Watson would be a nice alternative, since shes got enough body to make the task more palatable. You might even try to see how the guys of TV are doing, since there ARE some attractive TV actresses and you could probably make a decent argument that their asses could be of some use. Of course, the only other person for you to look at is Robert Pattinson himself. His entire acting career has been a ploy by you to get his dick in your mouth. He wants you to think that all those movie roles have been roles, but in reality theyve been a way to get his dick in your mouth. Thats why hes been playing you so many emotionally unavailable damsels in distress ever since the day you first met him in that park in Vermont. Ive got some things to do Im afraid, but I will be home soon. Robert says when your sister calls to see how hes doing. Yeah, Id be worried if I were you, though. I just know youve been doing a lot of meditating lately. Ill try to take my meds better. As Robert heads off to find a cab, you return to your phone. Youve been meaning to talk to your sister for a while, but had other things to do. Besides, you still had a lot of work to do today. You get off work and head to your brothers place. When you arrive, you immediately realize that your brother has already made preparations for the party. Hes got a large table set up with alcohol, a big fridge with bottles of liquor inside and a massive stereo that blasts music that youve never heard before. He even has a dozen or so people sitting on the floor drinking beers and shots. Hey, you didnt get here a minute ago did.

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