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You stand, feeling the heat off all your skin as you walk up to Toni. And thats the truth, but its not the whole truth. You remember when you first read Toni in the newspaper after the premiere, youd almost forgotten about it. Now after three years, you find yourself in the middle of the Sahara Desert with her, just about to cross the Mediterranean to reach a better life. Toni Servillo and Sabrina Ferilli are such different people. Theyre both Italian, but only Ferilli manages to look beyond the borders to find new inspiration and life. You imagine thats why shes in this film. You look out to sea and see a few familiar sailing vessels. Youve never seen such boats before, but youre in their debt for stopping off in Rome and providing the ship with water and food. You can tell that the crew is a bunch of young men just off their first cruise with their captain, and they all seem so excited to be doing it. A few miles away, an old wooden shack sits at a remote beach. Its been empty for nearly three decades now. The shack was built back in the Depression year of 1934, by a man who lived at the time called Harry Miller. He sold his land and his boat when the boats he was building for his family were salvaged from the sea. You see a young woman called Maria, who seems like a kind and quiet woman. Shes a single mother, with a son on the way of his own and a daughter on the way of her own. Shes on the verge of losing her home too. I think Im just going to stay here for a while. Im sure if I stay here, hell be safe. Maria, with her smile, has so much life ahead of her. Youre so happy to help her along the way. Youre just a part of her story after all. Toni, Im coming to help you, I promise.

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