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With all these famous people, I could really do with a bit ofclosure. You nod with acceptance, thinking to yourself, Well, fuck it, I did my part. You take your time moving to the table, feeling the woman as she slowly gets to her feet. You think about this woman as you slowly slide the glass toward her, the tip brushing her thigh as she slides the top off just as your grip is upon it. So, your eyesight isnt as bad as I thought it was. The woman is a gorgeous redhead of stunning beauty, with brown eyes and long golden brown hair. She walks to the edge of the glass table, placing her hands in front of her, the back of each one resting on her large breasts, and the top of her head. You beginThe woman sits herself, her large breasts resting in a small leather satchel strapped across the top of her large breasts. She lifts one of her hands to her left breast, revealing the smooth, white, veined nipple inside the satchel and the large black ring that sits in the center of it. She begins undoing the strap of the satchel, unfolding the satchel to reveal its contents. She pulls out a dark blue bra covered in green, red, and purple stitching and a heart-shaped bow at the top and bottom with an arrow at the point. The strap is long enough that it can be worn around the shoulders but the size and shape ensure that it will stay put. A small slit runs along the center, allowing a small amount of the liquidy substance of her breasts to flow out of the top and onto the table. There, the woman says, her voice echoing off the walls. You probably shouldnt have it, but you got a spare. The woman begins removing another large satchel, revealing what appears to be a large leather pouch of some sort. As a result, her breasts now look very large and prominent as the bags of her large, smooth breasts look like tiny pebbles. A small hole in the top also reveals that a small, round plug is inside the pouch. Ah, no, the woman says, placing her hands upon her large breasts and looking away.

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