The goal of any skin-care routine is to tune up your …

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Its a great way to stay up to mor e the day and keep your skintone in tune. I will describe myself after shaving and before eating good zeal. You sit down on the bed and begin to touch and caress your body. The water from the crystal basin on the bedside table fills the room as you wash your body thoroughly, all the while being careful not to disturb the dust from the floor. You look like you just stepped off a boat. You say to a disembodied voice that says, Of course. You turn toward your bed and find yourself surrounded by nude women who each have a different body type that you have yet to discover. They smile and kiss you as they all begin to caress you. I had a feeling youd be here, says Lady Naze, a platinum-blonde, tattooed blonde with a tattooed stomach. As good as Ive felt in months, you say. You are suddenly woken from a trance when Lady Naze puts her hand over your mouth. You are here for my business, not the other way around. Its something I like to do when Im in a hurry or when I need to think quickly. When I was living in my fathers house I would sometimes help with small chores, or do my shopping when time allowed it. I would be more inclined to help you because Ive wanted to do so since we first met. Ive also heard rumors suggesting that you can, if you just study a little harder, but Ive never actually met a witch who studied as hard as yourself. I didnt expect you to make a good wizard one day. I mean, I saw you as a little more of a genius than they said you were though. Or rather, a little more of a witch than they thought you could be.

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