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Name: Jake PaulBirthplace: Port Clinton, OHBirthday: Aug, 35 years old, Nickname: Mr. 2012 Jamie McKelvie, NAME: Logan PaulBirthplace: Chicago, ILBirthday: Ma, 34 years old, Nickname: The Green Beanie Man and Logan the Limo DriverNationality: AmericanHeight: 60Weight: 181 lbs. 2012 Jamie McKelvie, NAME: Alissa VioletBirthplace: Cincinnati, OH, Homewood, OH, Birthday: OctoNickname: The Luscious LipsNationality: AmericanHeight: 59Weight: 125 lbs. Education: High School drop out, currently working as a receptionistJob: ModelHobbies: Lately she has been working on her acting skillsLikes: Movies, TV shows, her puppiesDislikes: The police, the government, the PopeNickname: The Big.

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