The following are lists of notable people who died by suicide…

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You look through the list and notice that the first one that catches your eye is a name you know quite well. S none other than the mother of your twin sister. T know much about her, but you do know that she went through a very dark period of her life and eventually came out much stronger. You can only imagine the pain she goes through when she thinks about that day. S recent suicide in a very public way will give her family the idea that it was the best thing for them. It might even help them feel a little better. Maybe you should talk to her about something. Maybe you should tell her all of this. It seems that everyone is getting hooked on K2, especially the women. An old man is lying by the side of the road, looking up at the clouds. T you see, everyone is getting high and falling in love with each other. You say We have no other possibilities. T know about you, but for several days after I found out I had cancer, I started seeing lots of beautiful women. I found out I had cancer and found this awesome girl in the process. She was very much into me, after I told her about my condition. Yeah, but look, you know how cancer is and can be. M not not important to any of you. M just here for me and some old man needs to get some love. You say I got it, just help me.

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