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If you are on this list, here are some things you should know:1. You do not need to jump off the nearest fucking building to get help. You only need to get help from one person in order for you to get the help you need. You do not have to have a specific reason for why you are considering suicide. There is no right time for you to kill yourself. You do not have to explain why you are considering suicide. I will probably be taken off of the list when they realize that the only reason why Im not killing myself is due to them constantly monitoring me. Now then, you should know where to find me. You find an old, leather notebook, its pages torn out and filled with scribbles of every kind. You look through the pages for anything that might help you, but once again there is nothing but random words and gibberish; no names, no addresses, no phone numbers at all. You continue, Dont go to the police, You go to the police You decide to stay on your side of the fence, and call the police. Though you should probably inform the police that you were on your way back home, and as such you were no longer a target. In fact if you had been on your way back home, you probably would have stayed at the same place you were staying at the night before. However, your own personal feelings about your previous situation and its resolution were going to take precedent over any kind of reason. However, you are a little disappointed that the police wont come out and help you. Their phones arent either; you try calling them, and are met with static. You decide that they might not be able to help you, as you dont know how to dial 911. Perhaps the closest thing you can do is try to call the police department that you were previously in. You try calling the nearest police station you can think of, and find out they dont even operate that way anymore. You try calling one of the stations 1-954-WORLDNEWS You try calling the number 1-954-WORLDNEWS; unfortunately, you get a busy signal. You then try calling the next one in the list, which is the police department.

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