The famous television judge owns a home in Pelican Bay…

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Host s on the Sean Hannity: in the Naples of The Beach. Michael Crissyfield has a one of the Olympic Base on the Naples of The Beach. You say Yay to everyoneYoure a good girl you reply. After some time, your sister asks some stupid question and you tell her that you want to spend time with her, but that you are busy at the moment. You think that it is about time you leave the house. You go back to your room and turn off the light. You turn on your phone and see that you are very late, leaving the house you almost feel like you are in an episode of Seinfeld. You feel yourself getting sleepy and your dreams that involve you are getting more and more exciting. You wake up and see that it is really late. You walk to the door, you look outside and see that the sun is almost set, which means that you are indeed late. The other option is that your sister is still playing in the living room and you were too sleepy to notice. When you finally open the door to your sisters room, there is a bit of surprise on her face. You also notice a package with a red, green and white rose on it. You are surprised to see that she is actually her Mom. You had thought that you were dreaming. She walks into your room and places the package in your hand. You are a little confused at what she wants you to do with the flower. You have not seen her with it, so you must have never opened it and cant remember. You ask Mom who tells you that she has been searching the house for you, since.

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