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You turn to leave, and find yourself back in a room that looks like a laboratory. Several doors lead off into other rooms, but you choose to head towards one at the end that has a big sign saying Hallway above it. The other doors in this room have little wooden signs on them, which read MELODY to indicate that it leads to Melody. When you reach the hallway, you see a few people going in and out of it. Some are carrying briefcases, carrying other suitcases, and some have strollers. It looks like youre the only one with a car. You follow a couple of people out of the room and find yourself in a lot of confusion. Can you move the bus, can you move the bus. One of the people asking for help asks a woman in a flowery dress. She says, and her tone becomes a little more serious. Ive been here since 3am, and Ive been looking for a place to stay and have some food, another woman says. Ill get you a place to stay, Im worth it, the first woman says. A middle-aged man with a shaved head walks up to you. Its the least I can do for saving you all from the dead. He walks up to you and holds your hand, and he takes a deep breath and shakes your hand enthusiastically. Get some drinks and sit and join the crowd. Its a big bar, with people sitting at every table, and even a DJ playing music for us to dance to. The bar is a place where we can meet and mingle, and maybe even fall in love.

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