The 'Big Red Boots' People Have a New Weird Shoe, Backwards Sneaker

Backward-Forward Sneaker

The folks behind the now-viral “Big Red Boots” craze have new bizarre footwear to sell you for a nice little chunk of change — it’s a sneaker that swings both ways … quite literally.

MSCHF — the Brooklyn-based art collective, which always seems to be churning out quirky products like this — announced their latest creation this weekend. They call it the BWD Shoe, and the gimmick this time is … you can slide your foot in from the front or the back.

Backward-Forward Sneaker

You heard that correctly … while the stock photo of theirs shows a foot model coming in from what would normally be the top of the shoe (north) — making it look like they’re wearing the shoe completely backwards — you can actually wear it traditionally too.

To be honest, we’re not really sure how the mechanics of this design work. It’s also unclear if both fits feel the same, or if one’s more snug than the other. From what we can see here, the “forward” style seems a lot like a sandal — AKA, not too much of heel/ankle support.


These things drop on April 11, and are only going to be on sale for a one-hour window starting at 2 PM ET via their website or the MSCHF Sneakers app. Price tag … $135.

Not nearly as expensive as their famed boots are (about $350), and who knows what they’ll go for on the resale market. The fact they’re advertising/selling them as a super exclusive suggests they’ll go for a lot. Another factor to consider … well celebs come flocking???

911 Inline Promo HULU

Tons of stars got on the BRB hype these past few months … including Diplo, Janelle Monae, Hasbulla, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Seth Rollins and more. Everyone seemed to love those.

The red boots might’ve seemed goofy at first, but as it turns out … people got onboard and actually rocked ’em — which means … these two-way sneakers could probably catch on too!

The question, of course, is … you coppin’?

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