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Im not supposed to gotta offer it like well. You walk around the aisles and take your choice. After a few minutes, you find yourself in a hodgepodge of clothing, all of which seems to be from the same store. I think this is a good start, you say, pointing down at a couple of t-shirts that have a large pink heart on them. You wait in lineYou walk out of the store and down an aisle. Some of the clothing catches your eye first, and you continue looking until you find what youre looking for. Theres a little line, but it moves relatively quickly. You find the merchandise and the cashier is more than happy to help you find what youre looking for. The only downside is you have to stand in the heat for a moment. There is a woman with a baby in her arms, and her large belly is exposed to you, as you take in the sight. Your stomach grumbles even more that you have an unfulfilled need to go back in the store, but you have to try. You look down to see what you bought and take a closer look at the shirts. One is a short-sleeved white tee with a giant heart drawn across it. The shirt doesnt appear to be that expensive, but then theres nothing about it that should have you spending a lot of money. Not sure what the brand is Theres a long-sleeved shirt with a large heart with the same color scheme, which you decide to keep. The shirt is expensive, but the price is worth it to show support for other people who are also going through a difficult time. Some people might just put up with it for a long time, but you just dont see yourself wearing a shirt like that. You find a black mini skirt, which you decide to keep. This is a nice, casual looking skirt, though its not something youd wear to a fancy party. Finally, you find a red t-shirt, which is pretty in the color scheme. Its got a large heart drawn across it and it seems to be from a brand called Sisters and Sons. Its pretty much the only brand thats on hand, which is a plus. Still, you dont look forward to wearing it, and you have to put a hand on your stomach just to try it on. Its not like you have a large amount of money to spend. Youre not in the position to be a miser, so you decide to just go with this t-shirt that you have.

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