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The local celebrity chef, KATIE BLEW MY MIND THIS WEEKEND. Katie has opened three separate eateries in The City: The Beauty Shop, and a coffee shop called The Beauty Shop Memphis on Cooper Street, and Memphis on Cooper Street, a beauty shop that opened last year. As you can see from my list above, The Beauty Shop has earned the most votes, but The Beauty Shop has also earned the most controversy. Last week I wrote a blog post called The Beauty Shop: A Good Idea in a Bad Location to bring more attention to this establishment. Many people from The City have shared my thoughts and even been critical of The Beauty Shop. The Beauty Shop is located on Cooper Street, not far from Memphis on Cooper Street, which is the latest iteration of the strip club, Memphis on Cooper Street, which opened in 1995. Misspellings of Memphis on Cooper Street include morci and memphis and also the word morone which is similar to the word moron. Theres a statue of a naked woman made of bricks on the other side of a chain link fence on the property. Mississippi is next door and the nearby Missisippi State University has a nearby dormitory and on-campus bar called Madame Jojos. Why dont we just move the Beauty Shop up on Cooper Street so we arent surrounded by the negative aspects of Memphis. Well thanks to the votes from Mississippi, Missisippi State University, and the adjacent strip club, Memphis on Cooper Street, The Beauty Shop has been voted the second worst restaurant in The City. If you havent been to The Beauty Shop, you need to visit; but unfortunately The Beauty Shop has two locations; its also been in the news the past year for potential building code violations. The beauty shop has not been completely open, and its not even open 24 hours a day. The Beauty Shop has a sign on the door telling patrons that alcohol is not served on the premises and is only to be bought at the coffee shop, but this is a big red flag to me. The beauty shop is also not an Aunt Beas type beauty shop. The Beauty Shop is currently not a strip club. The Beauty Shop has an ugly looking sign that says Beauty Shop instead of its actual name. Its pretty obvious that the Beauty Shop is not owned by the owner of Miss Ms, which has been in business for the past 40 years. The most disturbing thing about all this is the Beauty Shop is not even in the neighborhood of The Beauty Shop.

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