The beauty room

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You enter the room where the girls sleep and notice that they are mostly clothed from head to toe. One girl seems to be stripped to only her underwear and another girl is half naked. You recognize them as some of the girls that live at the academy to teach the younger students. You quickly get dressed and try to look as casual as possible when a very attractive female voice comes from behind you. T know Uncle Ed made another girl here. She has always been my favorite, so this was very exciting to see her. Her name is Andrea and you remember how she got her boobs all puffy when the sun came out. Anyway, can you come over to my place. S actually a common trait among those that you work with as well since they tend to be the most attractive as far as sex is concerned. Uncle Ed is going to be so proud of me today. How are you going to like my new body, the one I found for you. I got some new outfits in the bedroom that will make you very happy. Ve never been one for fancy clothes, but Andrea looks to be well off enough to afford some good quality clothes. Ll talk to you tomorrow before work if you come over. You turn to leave and suddenly Andrea grabs your hand and whispers in your ear. Uncle Ed was in another room while I was talking. He just said he loved me. He said he only told me because he loved me. S from happiness or happiness at her cousin being there for her. You go back to the officeThis really took you by surprise, but.

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