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Your next e-mail to them is much longer than the first one:From: MichaelSent: Monday, 6:37 AMSubject: RE: ReviewTo:Just got off the phone with you today and everything is in good working order. To: MichaelSent: Sun 4:48 PMSubject: Re: ReviewMr. Michael,Thank you for your email and we are glad to hear that all of your questions concerning our business have been answered. We will be able to move quickly to answer them as we are located in a town that is the main market for our products. With your experience in your industry and other reviews, you will be able to determine whether the business is in good standing to continue your experience or whether we will need to make changes. The next morning, while getting ready to leave work, I had an urge to call them back with all the questions and see if my suspicions were right, so I did. I spoke with a supervisor via phone:From: MichaelSent: Monday, 5:23 PMSubject: RE: ReviewTo: The Beauty Place Inc. I am sorry but there will be no further contact with you regarding this matter. To: MichaelSent: Mon 10:04 AMSubject: RE: ReviewDear Mr. Michael,Thank you for contacting us directly concerning your concerns concerning our business as we are most likely in good standing. As a precaution, I will be contacting a third party that was sent there to assess your current order and provide a report for you. Please have the third party contact me directly and I shall be happy to provide additional information for this review which you can do yourself at any time by contacting the business directly. When I get home from work, I start checking online reviews to see if there is anything new:From: The Beauty Place Inc.

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