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However, the The It looks like I have some more new photos to look at. The next photo looks very similar to one of you, and another one of a naked woman in a bikini. Um, yeah I think these are some of your classmates or something. Re all semi-nude so they must be some of your classmates, or maybe one of your former classmates that had to transfer out of school or something like that. Well, some of them are really close, so I had to be extra thorough when I put them together. I just wanted to make sure they were close to you at least. S go with the most appealing ones shall we. At this point you and David continue your conversation in the comments section, but it becomes increasingly odd. Ve been even more inconvenient than it is right now. Ve had a lot more fun if I was still living in a trailer park. As the week goes on the comments become less and less positive.

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