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Bowe showsIm reading The Beauty of Dirt Skin by Whitney Bowe and this is an excellent book. I particularly like the last chapter about using dirt to create a beautiful glow. I will be trying out her Dirt Glow System. I have several times had a skin condition that was causing me pain and then getting worse. In desperation I would put on the heavy cream and cream creams and nothing would happen. I decided that the cream cream creams only masked the pain and in the long time they were out of action the pain would return. I also have a few open cuts and scrapes at the moment. The dirt would be wonderful to spread on my cuts and it would instantly heal them and then Id be back to a pain-free condition. I think I just found something that might work. Id like to get started on this program but Im nervous because Im also worried about the price that Dr. I dont want to spend thousands of dollars on something I dont know if it will work or not. You dont want to waste money on any cream or cream creams – You might be on to somethingI dont want to spend any more money on any cream I might have bought in my life. Im not going to put myself through the pain of wearing those cream creams. I am thinking that she may have found some natural remedy that will solve my problem without any pain and possibly without the need to put cream on my wound as well. Ive done a little research and found that after a while the skin has built up a tolerance and the cream creams can dry out the skin slightly. Im also sure that by applying dirt you may cause your body to produce more sebum, which would then attract more microorganisms and make the problem worse. Im thinking I could use a few pieces of dirt with a few drops of essence of lavender. I am going to get a container and hang the plastic over my shower door to give the dirt more air. If my skin has built-up a tolerance to the cream creams, I am going to need something that will cause a reaction. Ill try the dirt for a couple of days and see if it helps. If this really works Id recommend that after you have an experience with this dirt you use just a drop of the essence of lavender on a cut and apply a thin layer of it over it for a day. If you still have the discomfort when the layer of dirt is removed, you should try some more dirt.

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